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Welcome to Response Baits.


We are a carp feed/bait company supplying quality products to the general public. Response Baits are always striving towards giving the angler what they are looking for. For us, it’s truly about the food source we create for these majestic creatures, the smiles we see on the anglers faces and the great people we get to meet on our journey making this a very rewarding process. Our boilie range is made from the highest nutritional ingredients with the carp’s dietary system and health being of paramount importance. We slowly steam our boilies locking in all of the goodness enabling us to produce a more giving food source and the carp love it. The pellet range we stock is used in the industry for growing on carp and is of the highest quality. Popups, wafters, and our liquid range once again are made to the highest possible standards. We at Response Baits are all massive lovers of carp fishing and all of our products go through rigorous testing. With confidence, we believe our products will help you find the response you are looking for.

Happy hunting and all the best, we hope to hear from you soon.

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